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Aggravated DWI

Mayo Bartlett is an Aggravated DWI Defense Attorney who will use his experience handling these severe charges to help you to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case.

Aggravated DWI, is an enhanced version of Driving While Intoxicated that was added to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law as section Section 1192 (2-a) to address an increase in the number of tragic accidents which often resulted in serious injury or fatalities. As a result, persons who operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .18 of one percent or higher are charged with Aggravated DWI and are subject to enhanced penalties if convicted.

Aggravated DWI carries a fine and surcharge that exceeds $1,000, and a driver’s license revocation of at least one year. Our Aggravated DWI Attorneys are experienced, and we work with a defense team that is both skilled and knowledgable. We will carefully review your matter and challenge the allegations against you. Ultimately, we will review our findings with you to help you determine the strength of your Aggravated DWI charge and to help you decide whether to go to trial or to enter a guilty plea.

If you or a loved one is facing a charge of Aggravated DWI, it is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you will have the information and counsel necessary to have the best result possible. These charges may carry severe collateral consequences, such as the loss of your job, lengthy periods of probation, Jail time, and deportation.

Please contact our Aggravated DWI Attorneys and let us assist you in your time of need.

Client Reviews
Mr. Bartlett was Compassionate and very well informed about my situation, even though I contacted him at the last minute. He made the process of navigating through this legal system simple. Victor E.
We were very fortunate to find such a knowledgeable and also caring lawyer. Me. Bartlett was accessible throughout the process and he is clearly a respected lawyer in the field. He has integrity and great credentials - I highly endorse Mayo. Lisa G.
I don't have enough words to describe how amazing the experience with Mayo Bartlett was. He work's [sic] very hard to make sure you have winning results. I could not have asked for better services. From the moment I first called until my case was over, I was at ease that I has [sic] made the right choice. Not to mention Mayo is highly respected and well known. I highly recommend. Jordan F.
Mr. Bartlett is the lawyer you can fully trust as well as a person of integrity that delivers on promises. He was always available for me throughout the entire process. Besides being an excellent defense lawyer, Mr. Bartlett is a person very well respected among peers in legal community. If there were more people like Mr. Bartlett this planet would be a much nicer place. Beban S.